Company Snapshot / History
Acquired Cavi-Lipo CE
  Acquired INNO-BIZ certificate (By Small & Medium Business Administration)
  Signed agent contracts with five countries in Europe and seven countries in Southeast Asia
  Launched OXYPO in Malaysia
Acquired ISO 9001, ISO14001
  Acquired permission to register as Medical Device Manufacturer
  Acquired KGMP by Korea Food & Drug Administration
  Acquired venture start-up certificate
  Acquired GAMMADERM KFDA (Korea Food & Drug Administration)
  Launched GAMMADERM in Japan
Signed agent contract with Japan's BRIGHTNESS
  Launched Cavi-Lipo in Japan
  Launched APS in Malaysia
Launched O2JET in Taiwan
Signed agent contract with UMO International
Signed agent contract with Japan's World Beautic
Established SKINREX Co., Ltd.